The Light Bearer and Lady of the Light...
is worthy.

These books change lives.

I will never forget when I first read The Light Bearer. It changed my life.

Donna Gillespie (the author) has the uncanny ability to dive straight into a woman's soul...and bring forth in words that which we only feel and experience.

Her words cause your imagination to soar and your inner self to reflect. The main character of her book evolves from a child despised by her grandmother to a celebrated warrior...yet one who still was constrained by her own personal view of herself (and not the reality others saw).

How often do we ourselves thrash about with these issues? We might reach the peaks of fame and fortune...and yet...silencing the inner voice that had grown because of outside abuse...can require the strength of a tidal storm.

Oprah, if you're reading this, or anyone in Oprah's Bookclub - give yourself the gift of reading Donna Gillespie's The Light Bearer and her incredible sequel, The Lady of the Light. I promise you - it will change your life.

Barbara Ling

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